OK, wow, this comic.

I was really struggling for a concept for two weeks of the month. Two weeks left and I had basically nothing. I’d been listening to Neil Gaiman’s Norse Myths, so I figured that if I couldn’t come up with my own plot I’d illustrate someone else’s. That makes this story a retelling of a retelling, and likely a few more layers on top of that.

The big problem I had was that what sounds like a fairly simple plot to listen to becomes a much more complex plot to script. This was my third ever comic, so I was very much still learning what amount of story can fit in a comic of a given length. I think I actually thought this would be a four or five page story.

By the time I’d scripted it out, it was too late in the month to change my mind (plus I’m a glutton for punishment) so I thought fuck it, lets go for it. I guess it succeeded, in that the art told the story I wanted to tell. And the characters are good, Freyja and Loki especially. But holy fucknuggets it’s ugly.

The reasoning behind doing a new comic each month was to make this sort of mistake, so that I can get it done and make next month’s comic better. Mission successful!