My first comic! I’d been so intimidated by ‘making a comic’ for so long, but a good friend basically hit me over the head with ‘shut up and do it’ till I saw sense.

Being my very first comic, I decided that using speech was for losers, as were protagonists with actual faces, and anything most people could relate to. If I do a pile of super-advanced stuff, that makes it super-advanced right?

Looking back a few months later (with the wisdom of age!), the biggest problem I see is flow. It reads like one of those super-early films that jerk around without understanding how that directs the gaze. Some of the panels, even whole pages (the octocity spread, p4) look great, but it doesn’t gel together, the story as a whole doesn’t read well.

Still proud of it.

It’s one of those things where no matter what happens in life, I can say “Hey, as a kid my dream was to make a comic, and I did that”.