This month’s comic is a bit of a weird one. I’ve been a bit in love with textures recently, and how I can represent them with just ink, and I wanted share that. I thought about doing it as a teaching-comic (‘what is texture?’), but I eventually settled on just showing rather than telling.

Reproducing such complex forms with just black & white is basically witchcraft as far as I’m concerned, it feels like magic me, and it’s so awesome!

I decided to play with a different format for the physical comics this month, going up to A6 (I know, the decadence!) and having a sewn binding. It’s pretty cool, but getting double-sided printing to line up is a nightmare (which is why I went larger, because at A7 it’s nearly impossible to match the sides on my printer), and each copy takes a good time to do. Might stick with it in future, might not. They do look pretty.